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Graphisoft EcoDesigner – is built into ArchiCAD, easy to use tool for calculations of energy by the architects. EcoDesigner allow architects to control the energy losses of buildings and create new, environmentally-designed projects. New application makes ArchiCAD in leading solutions adapted to the requirements of modern architects. In “traditional” pattern design similar calculations are carried out by professionals from the environmental departments at the final stages of design – if design changes to a much more complicated. With EcoDesigner architects will have access to all relevant environmental information related to their project, still at a very early stage.

Early design phase
The truth of sustainable design is that approximately 80% of the design decisions that influence a building’s energy performance are made by the architect in the early design phase; the remaining 20% are made by engineers at the later phases of design. Therefore it is crucially important for architects to be able to utilise a quick and reliable energy performance evaluation at the very early stage of the building design process.

Using Graphisoft EcoDesigner architects can easily analyze, at an early stage, their design for energy efficiency. Providing invaluable feedback on the building’s energy performance means the architect can make better decisions on how to conform to regulations and satisfy the interests of the client and the operator of the building. Ultimately, with energy efficiency we all win!

“Energy efficiency is becoming a key factor. ArchiCAD allows the Architect to positively affect the design at the earliest and most convenient phase.”
Teemu Kurkela, CEO, JKMM Architects, Finland

Informed decisions

“Sustainable architecture” is the practice of designing, constructing and maintaining buildings in a way that their environmental impact is minimized. One of the most important aspects of sustainable design is energy efficiency – a drive to reduce the amount of energy a building consumes over its life-span.

Graphisoft EcoDesigner enables architects to quickly and efficiently evaluate design alternatives based on energy consumption, carbon footprint and monthly energy balance.

“Henry Deane Place was one of the first “green” buildings in Sydney and embodies many environmentally sustainable solutions. It is multi award winning and has been used as a benchmark for other government buildings.”

Graeme Smith, Principal of Rice Daubney, AUS

The relationship between building volumes, proposed area and orientation of glazed surfaces, as well as the properties of the external shading options, all greatly influence the future energy consumption and also determine the overall look of the design. Selecting the right design alternative, that delivers better energy performance, is becoming vital for client presentations.
“One-click” evaluation for architects

Now architects can evaluate energy performance from within ArchiCAD. Graphisoft EcoDesigner is available from ArchiCAD and the best news is that all architects can use it right away!

With EcoDesigner the ArchiCAD Virtual Building becomes an even more intelligent “BIM” model, right from the very first concept design.

“As environmentally conscious architects, the ability to quickly and effectively perform energy analyses on our building models is beneficial to us and it adds tremendous value to our clients.”
Russ Sanders, AIA, Orcutt | Winslow, US
Sustainable Design with ArchiCAD

Green design has been embraced openly by many architectural firms worldwide. They appreciate the value and financial sense of developing a truly green design and architects who actively take ‘green’ decisions early on are saving their clients real money, now and in the future. EcoDesigner coupled with ArchiCAD’s open standards place the Virtual BuildingT at the heart of energy analysis.

EcoDesigner Workflow
Graphisoft EcoDesigner uses a simple 3 step workflow to determine the energy characteristics of the project: Analyze > Calculate > Results.

“The Green Buildings concept is no longer earth-berm houses and grass roofs, but an intelligent business decision.”
Brian Malarkey, AIA, LEED-accredited, Kirksey, U.S.

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